Thursday, August 2, 2007

Jim Allen: Quasi-1D "Purple Bronze" Evidence for a new state of matter.

J. W. Allen, U. Michigan

"Evidence, arguments and challenges for showing a new quantum state of
matter in the normal phase of quasi-1D Li_0.9Mo_6O_17"

Jim Allen gave an extensive review of the highly anisotropic physics of Blue Bronze. This material is a quasi-1D conductor that develops superconductivity at 1.9 K. This system has a resistance anisotropy

rho|| : rho _|_ (1): rho _|_(2) = 1:10:25

Down to about 26K, rho|| follows a T^0.4 variation and rho _|_ follows a T^1.15 variation.
Below this temperature, both resistivities show an upturn. The upturn was initially thought to be the result of a spin or charge density wave, but susceptibilility, optics, photo-emission and X-ray diffraction seem to rule this out.

Jim described that ARPES appears to suggest this system is more likely to be a Luttinger Liquid, and in the spectra, they can see a holon peak and a spinon edge. The photo-emission spectra show a power-law A(E) ~ (E-E_F)^alpha, where alpha is temperature dependent .

This temperature dependent exponent can, it seems be understood in terms of a two band Luttinger Liquid, undergoing a cross-over from a two band fixed point to a one-band fixed point.

There are several questions raised by this system

  • Can the large t_perp (of order 100K) be reconciled with the quasi-one dimensional behavior seen at lower temperatures?
  • Band theory predicts two quasi-one dimensional bands, yet only one is observed in ARPES (figure above). Is this because a gap is starting to develop in the second band - and if so - can this be modelled theoretically?
  • Does the superconductivity restore the 3 dimensionality to the electron fluid?


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