Friday, August 24, 2007

Enrico Rossi: Neutron resonance in electron-doped cuprates

In his talk, Enrico Rossi discussed the work with J-P Ismer,
Ilya Eremin and Dirk Morr on the neutron resonance in electron-doped cuprates. His main idea is that the resonance is a spin exciton, shifted to a higher frequency by a finite fermionic damping rate. Enrico started his presentation with a brief review of the excitonic scenario for the resonance. He then argued that, in distinction to hole-doped cuprates, where the resonance is well below 2 \Delta_[max}, the resonance in electron-doped PrCeCuO and NdCeCuO is observed at 11 meV, which might be larger than 2\Delta (the measured gap
maximum is less than 5 meV). as determined by ARPES experiments Enrico presented RPA-type calculations of the resonance, which include a finite broadening of the fermionic linewidth. He argued that due to a finite broadening, the resonance shifts to a higher frequency, which may exceed 2\Ddelta_{max}. Enrico then argues that in the presence of a magnetic field, the resonance is split into three distinct peaks. Due to the smaller magnitude of the gap, and a resonance frequency which is much smaller in the electron-doped cuprates than in the hole-doped ones, the experimental resolution in INS experiments is sufficiently good to resolve a splitting of the resonance in field of about 8 T, a splitting which is of the order of 1 meV.

Finally, Enrico argued that in those electon-doped cuprates, in which superconductivity exists with antiferromagnetism and T_c>T_N, the resonance shifts down to lower frequencies as T_N is approached, and reaches zero frequency at T_N.

The discussion after the talk focused on the intensity and the linewidth of the peak.
Enrico was asked whether a large width of the peak may prevent the development of three sub-peaks in a field. Enrico replied that even if a large quasi-particle damping prevents the resolution of the three peaks, the resonance will become highly asymmetric.


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